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Our teaching and non-teaching staff are here to help. To reach a member of our team call 905-723-2421.

Staff Members Position/Grade
Samantha Calderbank Kindergarten
Tanya Edey Kindergarten
Bianca Easter Kindergarten
Paul Gilray Grade 1
Jessica Ambra Grade 1/2
Christine Lampa Grade 2/3
Melissa Casey Grade 3
Alison Huxter Grade 3
Dave Fenton Grade 4
Jennifer McKeown Grade 4/5
Sandra Stone Grade 5/6
Natalie MacLean Grade 6
Laura Vance Grade 7
Shelley Thomas Grade 7/8
Andre Doiron Grade 8
Beverley Mazzarolo Program Support Teacher
Patricia Muir Curriculum Coverage Teacher
Carrie Colligan Curriculum Coverage Teacher
Mary Zupancic French as a Second Language
Rose Marie Anderson Designated Early Childhood Educator
Kathy Tran Designated Early Childhood Educator
Kristi Holland Designated Early Childhood Educator
Marielle Talbot Educational Assistant
Jody Page Educational Assistant
Dolcie Golding Educational Assistant
Dino Mazza Educational Assistant
Carol Tessier Educational Assistant
Cheryl Stone Secretary
Bill Armstrong Custodian
Norm Pare Custodian
  YMCA Supervisor
Kathleen Ferguson Lunch Hour Supervisor
Anna Filippo Lunch Hour Supervisor

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